Sarah Sørlie

language can be so tight every word a label so i desire to loosen it up because truth is emptiness and in order to express it you need


so maybe the rules of language can be bent to cater to metaphysical truths thats beyond time and space maybe the language can reflect the infinite possibility of existence




Photo by Sarah Sørlie.

May the ashes of what is gone
nourish the present fire
so it kills the right things

Taught by history
that all must die
starving out what fuels the lies

Decaying illusion
Burning ignorance
May my fire be strong.



Art by Author.

you rotten so slowly that you don`t even see it

feel it

all you feel is subtle addictions

sticking to you like tar

you mistake it for sweet molasses

unaware of what`s good

but poison can never be medicine

so you are eaten by nine to five

youth in decline

caressed by late night Netflix

routine sex

empty eyes gazing up at Him

He who was going to make you happy

while He fucks you in missionary

crushing you under his weight

the alarm clock crushes you

you snooze five minutes through hidden hopes and dreams

sugar in the coffee softens the bitterness

sticky cocktails make you sweet on Friday


but poison can never be medicine.



you make the world a better place

my baby

yet when your cold blue eyes pierce through the illusions of the majority

when your rough hands shatter the bubble of mass consensus

you are the cause of discomfort

you are the cause of friction

you are cause of expansion.



Sarah Sørlie

Sarah Sørlie

An invocation to Live. Lover of creative expression, yoga, philosophy and adventure.